Jail Bond CompanySitting behind bars with a cell full of strangers and alleged criminals is perhaps the worst place you could ever find yourself. Every minute you are locked up, is another minute your family and friends are making do without you. This is why you need a jail bond company that cares about you and your time. Rush Bail Bonds is committed to getting you out of jail within 24-hours of being arrested. This is our promise to you.

Why Rush Bail Bonds?

We are a family owned and operated jail bond company. We have more than 15 years experience in jail bonds. Each and every one of our agents is fully licensed and has completed an in-depth 20 hour state course about laws, principals and bail bond practices. When you call us, you are enlisting the help of the best in the business. So why does this matter to you? It’s simple. Because we know the judicial system so well, we can work quickly to get you out of jail now. We are committed to restoring your life after an arrest. This starts with getting out of jail. The sooner you’re released from custody, the sooner you get your life back. It’s hard to go to work and support your family when you’re locked up. It’s impossible to read your children bed times story from a jail cell. Getting arrested doesn’t just affect you, it impacts this entire community. This is why we work diligently to get you released within 24 hours of your arrest.

Should I call you ahead of time?

If you know your going to be arrested, that’s a great idea. Sometimes, an arrest is not a surprise. In fact, if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you may even go to the police station to turn yourself in. If you know you will be arrested, you should call a jail bond company to get a head start on your release. If we know ahead of time, ,we can work to get you out even sooner, if possible.

When do I need a jail bond company?

You may be asking yourself “how do jail bonds work?”  You will need a jail bond company if you don’t have all the cash to cover the total bail set by a judge. Depending on the crime, alleged offenders sometimes will be released without bail and on their own recognizance. This means they are free to leave the jail after being booked. Although, the accused still has to sign a document promising to will be present for future court hearings. More often than not though, you will have to pay something to get out of jail. Bail is essentially an insurance policy guaranteeing you will show up to future court proceedings.

How is my bail determined?

A judge sets your bail based on a variety of factors: charges against you, criminal history, how likely you are to leave town and skip court hearings, community involvement and if you are employed. Taking all these factor into consideration, a judge will come up with your bail amount.  There are different jail bond types, but they work basically the same.

But, my bail is set at $25,000!!!! How am I going to afford this? Take a deep breathe. It’s going to be okay. When you work with a professional jail bond company, you only need to come up with a small percentage of the total bail amount. Here’s how it works: If your bail is set at $25,000, you will pay 10%-15% of the total amount to Rush Bail Bonds. This is a non-refundable fee. Once the fee is paid, our experienced bail bond agents work with the courts to secure your release. We often require you post collateral to make up for the rest of the bail amount. We accept anything of value for collateral, including property, bank accounts and vehicles. We only collect the collateral if the defendant fails to show up to court. If the accused does not make court appearances, they will face new charges and be responsible for the total bail amount. By posting collateral, we have a source of income to pay for the entire bail if the defendant doesn’t follow through with the terms of their release. No one is ever financially prepared for an arrest. We understand. The last thing we want you to worry about is money. So, if you’re still struggling to pay our jail bond fee please let us know and we can walk you through several flexible payment options.

The average size of a jail cell is 6 feet by 9 feet, about the size of a large area rug. You’re basically living in a concrete closet. One call to Rush Bail Bonds and we can get you back into the comfort of your home in no time. Call us today at (205) 682-6001, we’re available 24/7!  We never close because there’s never a good time to get arrested!

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