Purpose Of Bail

Purpose Of BailPurpose Of Bail Birmingham, Huntsville & Columbiana, AL

What is the purpose of bail?  Nobody ever wants to have to use a bail bond agency, but should the occasion arise it is very beneficial to do so for the defendant, compared to the alternative of having them stay locked up through the court process. At Rush Bail Bonds we value family and want you to be with yours during this tough time. Bail provides the opportunity for the defendant to continue with their day to day life, instead of spend it in a cell. Give Rush a call today at (205) 543-9209 and let us help you get your loved one released from jail in Alabama as quickly as possible.

Bail Allows Defendant To Prepare

One of the most important aspects of bail is that it allows defendant to obtain an attorney who will provide them the best possible representation in court. They can work with the attorney to prepare their case in the comfort of the attorney’s office, or anywhere deemed convenient, instead of from the jailhouse meeting room.

Continue With Day-To-Day Life

Another reason bail exists is so that a defendant can be released from jail in order to continue with the day to day lives. Instead of being locked up they can continue working or going to school, caring for their family, paying bills and enjoying the comforts of home. All too often people are locked up for several days, preventing them from working which results in them losing their job.
Make pre-detention arrangements

If it seems imminent that an extended stint in the county jail will occur a defendant can make the proper arrangements when released on bail. Depending on the likely length of their sentence they can contact their bank to cover mortgage or rent payments, shut off power and water to their home, or if necessary place their home on the market. They can also make plans with their family to care for children or pets.

Of course, for the courts, bail is the assurance that the defendant will appear in court when their time is due. Bail is a contract between the court and the defendant saying they will do so, in return for their freedom prior to their court dates. For more information about bail bonds in Birmingham, Huntsville, Columbia or elsewhere in Alabama give Rush Bail Bonds a call at (205) 543-9209 anytime day or night!

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