How Do Jail Bonds WorkIn most cases, no one chooses to go to jail. But, you do have a choice in how to you get out from behind bars. Make the right decision and call Rush Bail Bonds today. Whether you find your self locked up or a loved one is booked into a county jail, every minute they’re not at home is painful. By working with an experienced bail bondsman, we promise to have your brother, best friend or spouse out of jail within 24 hours.

How do jail bonds work?

Great question. A jail bond is essentially an insurance policy you pay to secure your release and insure you will appear for future court proceedings. During your first court appearance, a judge will determine your bail amount be based on several factors: criminal history, flight risk, connections to the community and the current charges you face. Once you know how much is required to get out of jail, you can begin to explore your options.

Example on how jail bonds work: On Tuesday, Scott was arrested and charged with shooting livestock. The next day, a judge set his bail at $50,000. Scott and his wife however, don’t have that much cash so they call a Rush Bail Bonds agent for help. By working with a licensed and experienced bail bond agent, Scott and his wife only have to pay a non-refundable fee of 10%-15% of the bail amount. In this case, the couple would need to pay $5,000-$7,500 instead of the entire $50,000. In addition to the fee, Scott and his wife are required to sign over collateral to insure the remaining amount of the bail. Collateral can be considered for anything you have of value, such as property, a home and even jewelry. Once Scott is out of jail, he must follow the terms of his release which include showing up for future court hearings. If Scott skips court, then Rush Bail Bonds is responsible for the entire $50,000 bail amount. This is when an agent begins the process of collecting on the collateral Scott and his wife posted in their contract with Rush Bail Bonds. In this case, the couple posted their cabin as collateral. The cabin will be appraised and sold to pay for the outstanding balance. In the meantime, an new arrest warrant has been issued for Scott’s arrest.

Do I get my bail money back?

How do jail bonds work? If you work with a professional jail bond company, the fee you pay is non-refundable. However, if you pay cash for the total bail then you may be refunded after your case has reached a resolution. There is no guarantee though. This is why paying cash for the total bail amount, even if you can afford it, may not always be a good idea.

When it comes to this business, we are experts in how jail bonds work. Each and every one of our bail bondsman agents is licensed and has completed a 20 hour in depth course on policies, laws and bail procedures. Rush Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated business with more than 15 years of experience. We love this community and we want nothing more than to see our neighbors succeed.

Are you still wondering how do jail bonds work? Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us today. We’re available 365 days a year. There is never a convenient time to be arrested, so we answer phone calls at all hours of the day and night. The sooner you call us,the quicker we can get you or your loved out of jail. Even if you just need advice, we are more than willing to give you free information. When you do call, we will ask you for three key pieces of information:

  1. Full legal name of the accused
  2. The booking number of your loved one
  3. Where the inmate is being held

With this information, we can get right to work getting your loved one out as quickly as possible. Planning for an arrest is not realistic. We offer confidential and flexible payment options to ease the financial burden of this difficult time. The last thing we want you to worry about is money.

The legal system can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be with a 24 hour bail bondsman by your side. We’re here to answer all your questions, including, how do jail bonds work? Call us today. We’re looking forward to getting your loved one out of jail and on with their life!

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