Bail Bonding Company

Bail bonding Company requirmentBail Bonding Company Columbiana, AL.  It’s been a week now since your husband has been booked into jail.  The bills are stacking up on the kitchen counter, you’re exhausted and your daughter wants to know when daddy is coming home.  With the help of Rush Bail Bond agent at our  bail bond company Columbiana, AL, we can get your husband home tomorrow.  Call us today at (205) 670-5335!  We’re here for you!

How does a bail bonding company get my husband out of jail?

We don’t have any money.  We hear you.  Getting arrested and booked into jail is a life changing event, both financially and emotionally. We have yet to meet a family that has a budget for bail.  It just doesn’t happen.  An arrest is often unpredictable and chaotic.  Even if a family has the cash available for bond, it could make more financial sense to hire a bail bonding company in Columbiana, AL.  Here’s how it works: A bail bonding company contracts with the court system to post bond and secure the release of an inmate.

When you work with Rush Bail Bonds, you only have to come up with a small percentage of the entire bail amount.  For example, if your husband’s bail is set at $50,000, you would need to come up with 10%-15% of that amount.  In this case, it would be between $5,000 and $7,000.  When working with a bail bonding company, you also need a co-signer an collateral.  We accept all forms of collateral, such a boat, property and stocks.  We only cash in the collateral, if the defendant fails to show up to court hearings.  Our fee is non-refundable.  We accept cash , check and credit card.  Rush Bail Bonds also offers variety of payment plans.  You shouldn’t have to worry about money during this chaotic time.  We’re here to help.

What are your qualifications for a bail bond?

Bail Bonding Company JeepGreat question.  We are a fully licensed and insured bail bonding company with locations across Alabama, including right here in Columbiana.  Before our bail agents begin working with clients, they undergo extensive training and testing.  As required by state law, each of our agents agents enroll in a 20 hour in depth course on bail bonds practices, procedures and law.  After the course is complete, our agents must pass a state bail bond test.  Once a candidate passes a test, they receive a state license to work at a bail bonding company in Alabama.  We hire and train only the best and brightest candidates.  So what does this mean for you? It means you have someone on your side, guiding you through a chaotic time, with dignity and respect.  It means your loved one will spend less time behind bars because they have an expert bail bondsman on their side.  We’re here for you.  All you have to do is call us today.

Okay, once my husband is bailed out of jail what’s next? 

It’s simple: show up to court and stay out of trouble.  Bail is essentially an insurance policy with the court system to insure your husband or loved one will appear at future court hearings.  If a defendant doesn’t show up to their court proceedings, a judge will issue a new warrant for their arrest.  This means the defendant will be arrested again and booked into jail. This time however, it may be much more difficult to post bond.  So, make sure your husband shows up to court and you won’t have to worry about it.  We recommend you and your husband get a calendar and keep track of all upcoming court hearing.  If you’re unsure of the next hearing call our bail bonding company or your attorney.  We want you to succeed. This is the time to prove to the judge, you are responsible and will follow through on your word.

When will we know if my husband will have to go back to jail? 

Bail Me Out Bail Bonding CompanyHonestly, there’s no straight answer to this question.  Every case is different.  If your husband’s charges are dropped, he won’t  go back to jail.  However, if his case is headed to trial it could be month’s even years before a final verdict is reached.  If a defendant is convicted of a crime, they can not post bond.  If a defendant is found not guilty of the accused crime(s), the defendant will most likely be a free man.  Again, every case is different.  It’s best to consult your attorney for legal advice.

Since your husband’s arrest, your world has turned upside down.  We can help get your life back on track.  It starts with a phone call to Rush Bail Bonds in Columbiana, AL.  Our agents are available and ready to take your call.  Our bail bonding company keeps licensed agents on call 24/7, 365 days a year.  Call Rush Bail Company today at (205) 670-5335!  We’re here for you!