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It’s a call you never want to get, but when it comes, it’s best to be prepared. You have a friend who needs bail services.  A person contacting you from jail is often in dire need of help posting bail. Doing so can be a great favor for a person, however it does come with its fair share of responsibility. If you do decide to post bail for a friend, relative or other loved one using a bail bond you will need to know what the charges against them so that the bond agent can be sure to properly file the paperwork to ensure a speedy release. This is also why it is important to have an experienced Bail Bonds Service.  While the process is rather similar for each type of bail bond, the crimes within each are rather different. Some crimes are very common as well. Here is a quick rundown of what falls under each of these types of bail bonds.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (205) 543-9209!

Misdemeanor Bail Bond

Misdemeanors are generally less serious crimes, but can carry serious consequences for those who committed them. Many carry high enough bail amounts that bail services are necessary for most people.  Some misdemeanors include making threats about bodily harm, without following through on them, indecent exposure (not in front of children), driving without a license, vandalism, reckless driving, trespassing, discharging a firearm within city limits, petty theft, prostitution, public intoxication, minor in possession and more. These crimes often have less serious effects on their victims.

Bail Me Out Of Jail BondFelony Bail Services

Crimes that are considered felonies are much more serious. In some cases a person may not be eligible for bail or bail services, based on the circumstances and evidence surrounding their arrest. Examples of felonies include, kidnapping, grand theft, arson, rape, the sale of illegal drugs, armed robbery and murder.

DUI Bail Bond

There are a few crimes that unfortunately happen quite often. A first time DUI will generally result in a misdemeanor charge. Driving under the influence is a very serious offense and it could result in property damage, injuries or death.

Possession Bail Bond

Another crime that is usually a misdemeanor is the possession of certain drugs, however it will depend on the quantity and the type of drug that the person was caught with.

If your loved on has been arrested for some sort of crime be sure to find out what the charges are and then let your bail services agent know so they can secure a quick release. If you’re in need of a bail bond in Alabama be sure to speak with the professionals at Rush Bail Bonds. We offer three convenient locations throughout the state to help you. Give us a call today at (205) 543-9209!